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Gloria Steinem: Surrogate Bill Would Put Poor Women At Mercy Of Rich Ones


Steinem: Surrogate Bill

Would Put Poor Women

At Mercy Of Rich Ones

Editor’s Note:  Another one of many troubling ideas out of Albany this session – the creation of a surrogate-mother industry – led Gloria Steinem to ally herself in opposition with the state’s Catholic bishops.  She wrote this letter June 11. The state Senate passed the bill, but as this edition went to press, it was stalled in the Assembly.  Happily, the legislative session ends today, June 19.

Dear Friends,

Gloria Steinem

A few months ago, I joined over 100 women leaders in New York State who wrote a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo opposing the “Child-Parent Security Act,” a bill that would legalize reproductive commercial surrogacy in our state. We need your help to stop this bill. Women’s health, rights and lives may depend on it.

The danger here is not the use of altruistic surrogacy to create a loving family, which is legal in New York now, but the state legalizing the commercial and profit-driven reproductive surrogacy industry. As has been seen here and in other countries, this harms and endangers women in the process, especially those who feel that they have few or no economic alternatives.

Under this bill, women in economic need become commercialized vessels for rent, and the fetuses they carry become the property of others. The surrogate mother’s rights over the fetus she is carrying are greatly curtailed and she loses all rights to the baby she delivers. The bill ignores the socio-economic and racial inequalities of the reproductive commercial surrogacy industry, and puts disenfranchised women at the financial and emotional mercy of wealthier and more privileged individuals.

Ranking Republican On Finance, Seward’s Other Assignments Made

Ranking Republican On Finance,

Seward’s Other Assignments Made


ONEONTA – In addition to serving as ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, today announced he will also serve on the education, finance, higher education, insurance and rules committees.

As longtime chairman of the Insurance Committee, he said he looks forward to serving there, and in particular on Education and Higher Education, he said.

Morris Vietnam Veteran In Senate Hall Of Fame

Morris Vietnam Veteran

In Senate Hall Of Fame

Seward Hails McMillen For ‘Superior Bravery’
Vietnam Veteran Tom McMillen of Morris is surrounded by friends and wellwishers, including Senator Seward, third from left, after being inducted this morning into the state Senate Veterans Hall of Fame. (Jeff Bishop photo)

ALBANY – Thomas McMillen of Morris was inducted today into the state Senate Veterans Hall of Fame, and state Sen. Jim Seward, R-Milford, was on hand to pay tribute.

“Tom displayed superior bravery and courage while serving our nation,” said Seward.  “His two tours in Vietnam – first as an infantry platoon commander and later as a helicopter pilot – highlighted a rare skill set and demonstrated his desire to put country first.  He was a gifted leader who took on new, demanding challenges throughout his military career and excelled at every turn.

“Our country is better because of Thomas McMillen.”

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