FLEISHER: No Future For Plastics

Letter From P. JAY FLEISHER No Future For Plastics To the Editor: Every few weeks I wait with wonder, “what flavor cool-aid is he drinking now?” And, sure enough, Mike Zagata brought me up to date. Last week’s column told me just how far out of touch he is on virtually all matters related to science. His latest entry (“Better Living Through Plastics”) touts the virtues of plastic and the petroleum industry that provides it, and wouldn’t you know this…


ZAGATA: Better Living Through Plastics

VIEW FROM WEST DAVENPORT Better Living Through Plastics By MIKE ZAGATA • Special to Governor Cuomo is about to extend the temporary ban on fracking in New York and make it permanent via his budget Bill. Some will cheer that action, but those who understand its unintended consequences won’t be among them. Indeed, they will live in fear of another pandemic where we don’t, as a result of his ban, have access to the materials needed to combat any…