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Earhart Visited Here, Marker Says

HISTORICAL SOCIETY WINS RECOGNITION Earhart Visited Here, Marker Says By CHRYSTAL SAVAGE • Special to After losing his mother to appendicitis in the spring of 1921 at age 7, Arrie Hecox of Fly Creek found solace in Amelia Earhart three years later. Walking back and forth to school, Hecox spotted Earhart, then in her 20s, at the inn that neighbored his family’s farm on Route 28. “As you did in that time, they introduced themselves,” Arrie Hecox’s grandson, Michael…


Both Bumppo Claims Equal, Power Foundation Concludes

NEW CHAPTER IN HISTORICAL FEUD Both Bumppo Claims Equal, Power Foundation Declares By JIM KEVLIN • Special to FLY CREEK – Wuz we robbed? The Pomeroy Foundation has, finally, approved a “Legend & Lore” marker for the grave of David Shipman, whom James Fenimore Cooper himself identified as the model for Natty Bumppo, who ranks with Huck Finn among the foremost protagonists in American literature. At the same time, though, Pomeroy also approved a “Legend & Lore” marker for…



HAPPENIN’ OTSEGO for WEDNESDAY, NOV. 16 Who Thought Up Names Of Otsego Town Roads? MEETING – 7 p.m. Fly Creek Area Historical Society, “The Origin of the Names of the Roads in the Town of Otsego” presented by Sherlee Rathbone. Fly Creek Methodist Church, 811 Cty. Rd. 26, Fly Creek. Info, SENIOR DINNER – 4-6 p.m. Student Coucil hosting dinner for senior citizens. Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School Cafeteria, 597 Co Rd 54, Cherry Valley. Info, Laura Carson, (607) 264-9332 ext.…