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Sherrie Kingsley

Masked Bagging Crew Help Farmers’ Market Adapt

With Masked Baggers,

Farmers’ Market Adapts

At the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market, Sherrie Kingsley, Otsego 2000 Executive Director Ellen Pope and Deb Dalton wear protective masks as they fill 40 orders for curbside pick-ups.  “People order online and we follow the list going from vendor to vendor,” explained board member Robert Nelson, who was at the door making sure customers washed their hands before entering. “The vendors have been really prepared and organized, numbering the bags and making sure everything is organized. With this many orders, we kept this many people out of the market and kept that many safe. We hope this is successful.” Signs ask patrons to adhere to 6-foot social distancing and not to touch any of the produce; the sellers bag it themselves. At right, Seth Friedman, Greentopia Farm, Davenport, was offering some of his own masks (which he uses for harvesting mushrooms) to customers. “When you pick mushrooms you have to wear gloves and masks because you don’t want to be exposed too much to their spores,” he said. “So these safety measures are normal for me.”  The markets, in Pioneer Alley, is open until 2 p.m. today (Ian Austin/

12 Unit ‘The Grove’ Rattles Cooperstown Neighbors

12 Unit ‘The Grove’ Rattles

Cooperstown Neighbors

A dismayed Ted Spencer, retired Hall of Fame curator and vice president, who lives on upper Main Street, urges the Village Board not to approve an apartment house in the neighborhood. (Jim Kevlin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – The 12-unit The Grove apartment complex – unprecedented in Cooperstown – just surfaced, but neighbors packed the Village Board’s monthly meeting Monday, June 24, to denounce it.

“We are shocked and deeply disappointed that the village would consider a 12-unit apartment complex within a block of primarily single-family homes,” said Sherrie Kingsley, co-owner of The Inn at Cooperstown with husband Marc. “Is there really a need for more housing in Cooperstown?

“Surely there are locations in other areas of the village or the outskirts of the village that would provide a much better fit for an apartment complex if one is truly needed,” she said.

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