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Thunderstorm Fells Tree Limb, Motorist

Thunderstorm Fells
Tree Limb, Motorist

A late afternoon thunderstorm brought with it heavy rain and strong winds which brought down a large tree limb on Chestnut Street, Cooperstown, near the New York Pizzeria. The limb fell on top of an SUV and one person was seen being loaded into an ambulance. The road is currently closed with traffic being directed to side streets and at least one power line is currently down. (Larissa Ryan/
Fast-Moving Storm Sweeps Across County Trees Down, Power Knocked Out

Fast-Moving Storm

Sweeps Across County

Trees Down, Power Knocked Out

A dramatic fast-moving thunderstorm swept across Otsego County at mid-afternoon today, knocking down a willow tree at the Schorfs’ sunflower stand south of Milford on Route 28 (and many other limbs on its route), accompanied by black clouds, lightning and heavy rain. At this hour, 3,500 NYSEG customers in the county are still without power. According to National Weather Observer David Mattice, Oneonta, a fast-moving front (45-50 mph) swept down from the Northwest, colliding with a warmer front coming up from the Southeast, with explosive results. The front came through Schuyler Lake, Cooperstown, Milford and Oneonta, before veering off toward Schoharie and Delaware counties. (Jim Kevlin/

Fallen Limbs Surround Irish Hill House, Cars

Fallen Limbs Surround

Irish Hill House, Cars

Today’s story offers a very important reminder to those in the local area to always remember to get a tree service company in denton tx to look at the condition of your trees around this time of year. They will be able to check the health of the tree as well as how safe it is. When they see a diseased or dead tree, they will remove it to help improve the health of the trees surrounding it. Also if they see any weak or dead branches then they will be able to remove them which can help prevent situations like this from occurring.

Amy Tivy, a Bassett nurse who lives on Irish Hill, stands by her Mini Cooper that had a rear light nicked in Monday night’s thunderstorm. It was lucky it wasn’t worse, as the oak to the right snapped as a gust of wind swept through Cooperstown’s upper Main Street at about 5 p.m. The bigger tree fell on the maple, at left, which is homeowner L.C.’s favorite, but missed the house by just a few feet. L.C., an anesthetist nurse, previously lived in the Carolinas, and said this week’s storm was a bad as any hurricane she experienced down there. Josh Howard of Josh’s Tree Service, Burlington Flats, in right photo, was finishing the cleanup a mid-afternoon today.

It’s this time of the year where the harsh weather starts and we experience more storms and high winds so we remind residents once again to make sure they get any trees they have on their property looked at. It can not only protect your favorite trees from damage but can also protect your property because when branches and trees fall, there’s no telling which direction they’ll land – and sometimes they land on roofs! (Jim Kevlin/

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