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Unadilla Street

Otsego County, Louisiana
Shreveport Developer Enshrined His Roots

Otsego County, Louisiana

Shreveport native Kathy Ragsdale, a counselor there, pauses at Unadilla Street, named by real estate developer A.C. Steere, harkening back to his father’s Otsego County roots. (Jennifer Hill/

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to

Shreveport’s Kim Oliver pauses en route to physical therapy to pose by the Oneonta Street sign. A.C.’s dad, a Portlandville native, may have shared stories of the City of the Hills with his son.

SHREVEPORT, La. – There’s a sign of Oneonta in Shreveport, La.

Yes, a sign.  A street sign.  Oneonta Street.

Wander around the city of about 200,000 in the upper left-hand corner of Louisiana, as far away from New Orleans as geographically possible, and you find a Unadilla Street.

And an Albany Avenue.

Oneonta and Unadilla streets are close neighbors, one block apartment, running east-west through the tony South Highlands neighborhood.

Albany Avenue also runs east-west, but through Shreveport’s middle-income Broadmoor neighborhood, which abuts South Highlands.

It turns out all three streets were named by Shreveport’s most prominent real estate developer, Albert Colwell (A.C.) Steere.

In the 1920s, Steere and his business partner, Elias Goldstein, designed and built neighborhoods and parks for all incomes throughout Shreveport, transforming it into the city it is today.

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