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Editorial: Businesses, as usual

Businesses, as usual

Back in the mid-20th century, Cooperstown was a thriving local village, taking great care of its residents and neighbors with a Main Street riddled with all manner of shops and cafés, hardware stores and markets, a gas station, a car dealer, a bank or two and a movie theater, built in 1920, to fill up empty evenings and afternoons with glorious cinematic amusements. The Freeman’s Journal and The Otsego Farmer were on Main Street. too, welcoming all who had anything to say.

Today, with tourism now the major breadwinner for the village and high rents threatening, Main Street has changed. Many of the businesses that took care of our immediate needs in the past have rethought their uses and provisions, others have retreated to other, less central, outposts, and still others have closed their doors, their wares exchanged for Amazon boxes and envelopes outside front doors.

A Million Books, Ready To Read At 139 Main St.

Antiquarian Book Fair At 25

A Million Books,

Ready To Read

At 139 Main St.

The Monies – son Willis  and dad Will, an Antiquarian book Fair founder – have one million books in their 139 Main St. store, a former auto dealership. 125,000 of them are also listed online. (Jim Kevlin/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – Dad Will Monie and son Willis don’t minimize challenges to the book business, but the Internet Age has also opened up opportunities.

Willis Monie Books has one million volumes in its building at 139 Main St., easily available to the half-million visitors who come to Cooperstown annually, plus the 60,000 county residents.

Of the total, 125,000 books are online, and they are available to the 320 billion people worldwide – 81 percent of the developed world; more than half of all humankind – expected to be on the Internet by year’s end.

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