There’s No Place For Gay Marriage In UM Church


There’s No Place

For Gay Marriage

In UM Church

To the Editor:

To all of our Methodist friends at the Fly Creek Methodist Church.

I read your statement in local papers about the Church and its position on homosexuality.

The Book of Discipline, the law that governs the Methodist Church, states that Homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.

Several attempts to change the wording have failed at general conference, defeated three times with a larger vote the third time than the first time. This is not discrimination against LGBTQ.

The scriptures that guide believing Methodists state that marriage is between one man and one woman.

To have a minister on the pulpit who preaches against this Bible truth is unacceptable to believers of God’s holy word and teachings.

To drag the secular rot of today’s society – divorce, abortion, people living without marriage, babies born out of wedlock – is not necessary.

The scriptures have already judged these actions as sinful. The scriptures also condemn all forms of fornication and debauchery.

If the Fly Creek Church is Uncomfortable with the scriptures as they are written in the Bible, by all means start your own Church, and call it whatever you want to, but don’t call it the Methodist Church.

I would also like for you to stop accusing us of discrimination and hate. I have never met a Methodist who said he hates homosexuals. We hate the sin and love the sinner.

May the peace of God and his Jesus Christ be with you and yours.

I remain,


Lay Leader, – Cooperstown Junction Methodist Church


One thought on “There’s No Place For Gay Marriage In UM Church

  1. Linda Randall

    The Bible also says that I should be stoned for working on the Sabbath…that I cannot eat a ham sandwich, and football players cannot touch pig skin…I can’t eat shrimp or lobster…

    God is LOVE. Shame on you.

    Linda Randall

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