This Year, Graduation Might Be At The Drive-In

This Year, Graduation

Might Be At The Drive-In

Spencer Wilson, Unadilla Drive-In manager, has had several schools reach out and ask if the drive-in would host their graduation ceremonies. (Ian Austin/


UNADILLA – With no movies being released this summer, Spencer Wilson, manager of his family’s Unadilla Drive-In, may still be able to bring in the crowds.

“We’ve had more than a dozen schools call us and ask if we would host their graduations,” he said. “We’d love to do it. That could be our whole summer.”

Though the drive-in remains closed under state mandate, Wilson is in conversations with school superintendents – including Unatego, Bainbridge, Harpersville and more – about what would be required to hold a ceremony.

“Right now we’re just trying to work out the logistics with the schools and with the state,” he said. “One school was thinking about showing a slideshow of the students at dusk, or we could broadcast speeches over our radio station.”

And with no movies scheduled for the summer, Wilson is also looking into the possibility of broadcasting older movies to bring in theatergoers anxious to get out of the house – while still maintaining social distancing.

“A lot of them have been converted to digital for screening,” he said. “So we’ll see.”

5 thoughts on “This Year, Graduation Might Be At The Drive-In

  1. bookhoutajay

    What a great idea! We love our local drive-in movie theater, and want it to be here for decades to come!

  2. Bridget

    I love the idea of showing older movies I hope it happens
    My husband and I used to go see older movies in Arizona they would have 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s
    The theaters would do it on Tuesdays there in Arizona
    I would go any day of the week here in Unadilla ,NY

  3. Ms.Maria Granda

    hi there,please send this to,Mr.Spencer Wilson,it’s very important,to our church.
    the reason i’m message to yall,mine minister had tried get hold of yall,thur phone,he had message yall to many times,the reason,he wants to do drive-in church,people can bring they own foods and,they bibles,and,mine minster wants use yall projecter room,so he can do his sermon,he wants do it sometime next month on sunday mornings,since doing Graduation for the seniors,yall do drine-in service,that really means alot to mine minster and,mine church family,people can use the radio for his sermon,so please help us out,to have our drive-in church,please,will be greatfull for us,u can leave the bathrooms open and,leave the trash out,too we make sure we clean our mess,so yall don;t need clean up,we will do it for yall,so please message me back soon as possible,GOD BLESS!!!!!

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