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Letter by Dan Butterman:
Vaccines are safe, effective
and helping us get back to life

My 12-year-old daughter just got the COVID-19 vaccine. As soon as the guidelines changed to make 12-year-olds eligible, she declared that she wanted the vaccine on her birthday. So, we made it a family excursion, just as though she were getting her ears pierced, and now she’s protected.

She is not the only 12-year-old I know who has stepped up to take that shot. Most of her eligible friends have stepped up as well. Our so-called leaders with their misinformation campaigns have failed to guide our children. I see children willing to do their part to help end this horrific virus. They have done virtual school, missed birthday parties, and distanced themselves from friends and grandparents, and they are tired of all of it.

These 12-year-olds have sacrificed and put the good of the community
above themselves. They are an example to celebrate. I am proud of my daughter, her friends, and their schools, which are taking every action possible to ensure safe environments for learning. They can’t vote yet, but their declarations and actions show courage and leadership beyond their years. Let’s stop pushing our schools to get rid of safety procedures. Instead, let’s listen to our kids, mask up, and protect our community.

Please get the vaccine if you can, and talk to your children about it. It is safe and effective, and the Pfizer version now is FDA-approved.

Dan Buttermann


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