What Are Litterers Thinking When They Toss Beer Cans?


What Are Litterers Thinking

When They Toss Beer Cans?

To The Editor:

Although I understand that I am not alone in my annoyance and frustration over the never-ending problem of litter around Lake Otsego, it also puzzles me that anyone would cavalierly hurl a Budweiser can or McDonald’s wrapper out a car window without the slightest regard to consequence.

Maybe they think:

  • When snow melts so do all cans, bottles and plastic wrappers.
  • Garbage of all kinds, particularly that which is not biodegradable, enhances and beautifies the landscape.
  • There are people hired by the government who will clean up whatever I leave by the side of the road, or
  • Who cares what the community I live in looks like?

Like countless other local citizens, I care enough about the problem of litter to periodically stop my car, pick up cans and bottles, and put it into the recycling bin or trash.

But without everyone doing their part, particularly with their own garbage, it is a losing battle.

Please do your part to keep Glimmerglass beautiful.


Springfield Center


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