Which DMV To Cut? Oneonta, Cooperstown

Which DMV To Cut?

Oneonta, Cooperstown

A masked County Clerk Kathy Sinnott Gardner made a cameo appearance at today’s county Board of Representatives meeting to explain why she’s closed the Oneonta DMV office, and said the state Department of Motor Vehicles, looking for funds to fill Empire State coffers drained the coronavirus, is ending reimbursements to counties for services provided.  She argued main office should remain open in Cooperstown, the county seat and headquarters of county government.  But county Rep. Andrew Stammel, D-Town of Oneonta, suggested that with the larger population, the colleges and proximity to I-88, the Oneonta office should be kept and the Cooperstown one closed.  County Rep. Michele Farwell, D-Morris, asked for a breakdown of which office generates the most funds.  Sinnott Gardner said she would research the issue, which is not a county board matter: the county clerk can close a DMV office on her own authority.  At left is county board Chairman Dave Bliss.  (Screenshot from Facebook Live)

5 thoughts on “Which DMV To Cut? Oneonta, Cooperstown

  1. Kevin grady

    Cooperstown is not only the county seat, but it is centrally located in the county therefore much fairer to all county residents.

  2. Frank

    Location is a minor these days factor. The office that generates the most revenue should be left open.

  3. D. Brigham

    Parking at the County Office building is already a problem – compound that with tourist and baseball traffic (which will return). I would keep the office out of Cooperstown if possible. If Oneonta isn’t central enough then find a completely new location that is central and away from Cooperstown

  4. William Turechek

    Cooperstown isn’t central to everyone in the county. For me (and anyone living in my area) Cooperstown is way out of the way. 10 minutes (Oneonta) versus 45 minutes (Cooperstown).

    Find a way to keep both. I’m sure its possible.

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