With New Inspection In Hand, City Attorney Due Back In Court

With New Inspection
In Hand, City Attorney
Due Back In Court


Editor’s Note: Here the summary of findings of an inspection of the former Oneonta Hotel conducted by code inspectors on Jan. 15. The city Board of Public Service declare an “emergency” at the building on Jan. 5, 2017, after an inspection. On Oct. 5, 2017, the board declared the apartment house “unsafe.” With the latest finding, City Attorney David Merzig is due back in county court, seeking an order to final have the building vacated. Here is a summary of the latest findings code inspectors filed with the City Clerk’s Office

It’s been two years this month since the City of Oneotna’s Board of Public Service declared an “emergency” at the former Oneonta Hotel due to code violations there

Many of the code violations noted in the original report still exist throughout the building.
► A licensed plumber has made plumbing corrections throughout the building. Though the piping was
installed correctly, many of the vanities and cabinet units in the apartments still require replacement due to deteriorated condition and water damage.
► Many of the apartment units still have non-compliant floor, ceiling and wall coverings due to damaged or deteriorated conditions as well as an overall lack of cleanliness. Some units have had new flooring installed; apparently over the existing flooring. It is hard to determine if this flooring was installed per the manufactures specifications. It does not appear to have been done professionally.
► The sprinkler system is now blocked by non-compliant suspended ceiling tiles installed beneath the sprinkler pipes throughout the building. These tiles are not rated for installation below an automatic sprinkler system. These tiles would block or hinder the fire suppression capability of the system in the event they are triggered by a fire.
► There are portions of the building that are currently under various states of demolition and/or construction. These areas are not ready for a final inspection.
► This property currently has many significant Code violations and will require a re-inspection and be in compliance with the appropriate codes prior to the granting of a Certificate of Compliance.




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