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Letter from Amy Wyant & Donna Vogler

Crumhorn Property Should Be Protected

As a local conservation organization, the Otsego County Conservation Association supports the protection of the Crumhorn Lake property. This former scout camp is a prime candidate to forward state and local land conservation goals. We believe that using the New York State Environmental Bond Act to preserve this undeveloped land is paramount. The property includes 668 acres of forests and wetlands, direct frontage on Crumhorn Lake, 63 acres of federal wetlands, and more than 11,000 feet of frontage on New York State Department of Environmental Conservation classified streams. The former scout camp is also immediately adjacent to the Susquehanna State Forest.

The need for state funding is urgent. The former scout camp is one of the largest undeveloped tracts of land remaining in Otsego County. The property is now on the market, and one of our primary concerns is that there are no constraints on how the property can be sold, subdivided or used.

The entire property has high conservation value that can help build climate resiliency in the region, strengthen the tourism economy, and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. It can also be a collaborative effort to protect and conserve significant natural resources in perpetuity.

Conservation is vital. Governor Hochul’s commitment to conserve 30 percent of New York’s land and water by 2030 requires aggressive action. State funding through the Environmental Bond Act would support the initial purchase of the Crumhorn Lake property, benefiting the state’s health and economy by helping to preserve wildlife, forests, and clean water.

OCCA supports these efforts to secure funding from the Environmental Bond Act to support the purchase of the Crumhorn Lake property. OCCA also encourages others to show their support. Contact your legislators, send postcards (provided by the Otsego Land Trust), and make your concerns for our local land preservation known.

Amy Wyant, OCCA Executive Director,
and Donna Vogler, Board Chair on behalf of the
Otsego County Conservation Association Board of Directors


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