YOU Can See Comet From 64M Miles Away!

YOU Can See Comet

From 64M Miles Away!

For the next 5-6 days, all of us can see the comet Neowise.  Oneonta photographer Michael Forster Rothbart, who took this photo from Hartwick College’s Strawberry Field, said, “Despite the lights from downtown, the comet was still clearly visible with naked eyes (though binoculars are better). It’s visible from about 10 p.m. to midnight — once it is dark enough until the comet falls too close to the horizon. Look for it low in the north sky just below the Big Dipper. It is already decreasing in brightness but should be visible for about the next 2-7 days. Pretty cool that we can see a 3-mile ball of ice and rock from 64 million miles away!”

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