Cuomo Allows Pharmacies To Administer COVID Tests


Cuomo Allows Pharmacies

To Administer COVID Tests

ALBANY – At today’s briefing, Governor Cuomo announced he will allow pharmacists to test for COVID-19.

This action will unlock a network of over 5,000 pharmacies as COVID-19 testing locations and help the state build a collection network to meet laboratory capacity and increase overall testing capacity.

He also announced the state is expanding diagnostic testing criteria to include more frontline New York workers – a direct result of rapidly increasing diagnostic testing capacity.

The expanded criteria will now allow all first responders, health care workers and essential employees to be tested for COVID-19 even if they aren’t symptomatic.

The state will continue to expand testing criteria as testing capacity increases, Cuomo said.


3 thoughts on “Cuomo Allows Pharmacies To Administer COVID Tests

  1. Jacquelyn Black

    I understand the need for more testing facilities; but the Governor needs to understand the Pharmacist’s and Technicians are in a very vulnerable place to begin with. They are dealing with all of these sick people and most have not been given the protection they need for themselves. They are working in areas that so not have proper partitions between them and the patients who so badly need their help. They have not been given proper PPE; let alone masks to wear. These people are already overwhelmed with the work they are required to do by their companies they work for. The Governor needs to speak to the Pharmacist’s and Technicians directly; not their bosses. This action needs to be reconsidered.

  2. Bruce Downie

    The above written comment needs to clarify which people would be allowed to go to Pharmacies! Certainly, I hope, not ones that have a fever!

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