Friends and family directly affected by Ukraine war

Friends and family directly affected by Ukraine war

To the Editor:

My friends and family are directly affected by the war in Ukraine. My sister and her two daughters had to flee Ukraine to Moldova, and then to Austria. My brother-in-law had to stay behind in the country and we do not know if he will remain alive.

How can it be okay to have a Russian Federation tank drive over a civilian in their car? How can it be okay to have innocent children be bombed? How can it be acceptable that Ukraine is being destroyed? We cannot allow to have this happen! Let us fight against war and dictatorship any way we can.

Thank you to the Cooperstown community for standing with Ukraine. Please do what you can. If you can pray or keep people affected by the conflict in your daily thoughts – do that. Educate yourself and be aware of the situation – awareness is a first step. If you are a business owner or know one – maybe a fundraiser can be organized. Maybe you can write to your local senator or President Biden. Let us continue doing our part. Let’s be tolerant of the increase in gas prices and support the U.S. government decision to help Ukraine.

Dear neighbors, again thank you for all your support. Your efforts are valuable, felt, and greatly appreciated.

Please refer to the link below. It comprises extensive amounts of updated sources and examples of outreach and donation shortcuts to well-known and long-standing organizations:

The organized effort led by the local Ukrainian churches and the UCCA (Capital District branch of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America):

Живе вільна Україна! (Long live free Ukraine)

Your neighbors,

Joshua Echavarria and Aliona Yezhova


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