6 L.I. Democratic Senators Back Pipeline, Report Says

6 L.I. Democratic Senators

Back Pipeline, Report Says

ALBANY — The six Democratic state senators from Long Island are urging state regulators to conditionally approve a pipeline to bring natural gas to the downstate area, citing the negative impacts from a moratorium imposed by National Grid, Politico NY is reporting.

The senators are supporting what’s called the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, which is an expansion of the existing Transco pipeline.  Williams is also initiator of the Constitution Pipeline, which may be back in play from Northeast Pennsylvania to Schoharie.

“National Grid’s moratorium has already impacted thousands of our constituents, and the lack of a reliable, future natural gas supply has the potential to upend the lives of many more, halt economic development, and adversely result in the use of dirtier forms of energy,” reads a letter to Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos signed by state Sens. Todd Kaminsky, John Brooks, Kevin Thomas and Anna Kaplan, all of Nassau County, and Monica Martinez  and Jim Gaughran of Suffolk County.


One thought on “6 L.I. Democratic Senators Back Pipeline, Report Says

  1. Bimpster

    Sure, they’d approve something upstate while denying drilling for gas or wind farms in LI Sound. Farking hypocritical useless politicians!

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