With Affection, Friends Bid A Final Farewell To ‘Lady’

With Affection, Friends Bid

A Final Farewell To ‘Lady’

Jim Atwell, the Quaker minister, seated at right, reflects on the life of Lady Ostapeck, the noted local photographer who died on Feb. 2, 2017; she was buried this afternoon in Fly Creek Cemetery. Photographing the scene is Nick Agyros, founder of the Photography Center of the Capitol District, Troy, who championed Lady’s ouevre during her final years. Other attendees include Hilda and Sam Wilcox, Cooperstown, in front row, and Phil Durkin of Cherry Valley, who attended with wife Leila.  At right is funeral director Martin Tillapaugh.   The final farewell was postponed several times, as not everyone who wanted to attended would have been able to. Lady lived in the Fly Creek Valley and, in later years, Nader Tower in Oneonta. (Jim Kevlin/AllOTSEGO.com)

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