7 Teens Face Charges For Fire Inside Railcar

7 Teens Face Charges

For Fire Inside Railcar

Russell Jones, a member of Milford’s Volunteer Fire Department, douses flames from a train car fire in Milford on Oct. 3. (Parker Fish/AllOTSEGO.com)

MILFORD – The county Sheriff’s Department has charged a total of seven teens –six boys and a girl, ages 16 to 16 – in the fire that destroyed a railcar on the Leatherstocking Railroad Historical Association siding on Oct. 3.

Two of the teens had been arrested in December, and this completes the investigation.

According to deputies, three of the teens had entered the railcar the day before and removed contents, including flares.  Two of the three returned the next day with the four others, including the girl, removed gloves, caution tape, safety vests and tools, then accidentally set off the flair, which cause the fire.

Because of their ages, none of the suspects were identified.  Depending on their involvement, they face charges ranging from intentionally damaging property over $250 to petit larceny.

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  1. Anonymous

    Because of their age, they cannot be identified. Well, even though they’re old enough to know better, so are their parents so publicize their parent’s names.

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