$8M Scriven Grant Aims To Upgrade Patient Care

$8M Scriven Grant Aims

To Upgrade Patient Care

Bassett To Buy Instruments, Equipment, More

COOPERSTOWN – Bassett Hospital today announced it has received an $8 million grant from the Scriven Foundation to upgrade patient-care equipment.

The money will buy surgical instruments, patient-monitoring and patient exam tables, among other purchases including lab equipment which may include centrifuge technology to ensure the center is state of the art. It doesn’t just stop with centrifuge technology, there is plenty of other things that a lab will need in order to conduct their research.

Depending on what their research is, will depend on the sort of lab equipment that they need. For example, if they are worried that their biggest issue would be things like cross-contamination, then they need to consider getting things like a pipette tip to help stop that from happening. If this is something which you think you need, then you can check out this page here about selecting the right pipette tip for your pipette.

“We always seek to provide the highest possible degree of comfort and safety for all of our patients, and this gift will ensure that we meet our goal in every instance,” said Dr. William LeCates, the hospital’s acting president, in a statement thanking the foundation.

Scriven Foundation President Jane Forbes Clark said the gift comes as Bassett “refocuses on strengthening fundamental patient-care quality and safety issues,” and said the foundation will continue to work with LeCates and the hospital on “improving health outcomes across the region.”

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