ANDERSON: Election May Preserve Our Flawed, Free Nation


Election May Preserve

Our Flawed, Free Nation

To the Editor:

If this is not the most important election in my lifetime, it nonetheless ranks as one that I feel is more important than most.

In the last four years there has been a consistent and unrelenting drum beat of negativism surrounding our country and our president, his character, and the state of the nation. There have been street riots, calls for social justice, accusations from every corner about some issue, and in general a malaise whose grand finale was the great Wuhan virus.

The odd thing is I am aware that this will “trigger” some, and that brings me to my next thought. Trigger is a word that now carries a new political meaning, just as does my choice of name for a disease. If you make a statement that another finds disagreeable for any reason you are accused of triggering them and that apparently opens a door that allows accusations based on nothing more that pure hatred to erupt.

This brings me to the question: for whom will I vote? More importantly why will I vote for a particular candidate. I am not going to try and convince you to vote “my way”, but I am going to ask you to consider why you will vote the way you will or have already done.
My choice is simple, and “some might argue not very sophisticated.

I have enjoyed a degree of freedom throughout my life that most of civilization has never enjoyed. I have been exposed to the greatness of my country and barbaric things my country has done in the name of God and Country.

On balance, I am proud to be an American because of the great things our country has done; on the other hand, I am deeply ashamed of some of our actions throughout history.

Every country has a history and for those who find a need to eliminate history I must ask why? Why must you hide your history? History is a one of our greatest teachers; it tells us about our humanity and inhumanity. It must be understood and appreciated.

I am voting for the man I feel is most able to continue to keep our nation free and will protect our freedoms.

I am voting for a man who believes and understands the importance of our Constitution. I am voting for a person I feel will keep alive the values we have demonstrated for the last 243 years.

The United States, with all its flaws, is the only nation in recorded history, that was established with the fundamental notion that the nation should be governed by its people through a representative republic.

It is hard to see that today, because our governance has been corrupted by men who lust for power and money. It is sad that most politicians do not understand their role and become easily intoxicated with power; such men are easily led into corruption, deceiving themselves and their constituents.

We are in that place today.

The choice on Nov. 3 in my mind is a choice between a flawed and free nation or a nation that will devolve rapidly into tyrannical police state.

Please consider the significance of your vote and what it will mean for your future and mine.


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