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Another Haunted Halloween

Ayla, Alicia and Corbin Flint of Cherry Valley enjoy Trunk or Treat at Cooperstown’s Railroad Inn.
Hartwick’s Halloween event last weekend was visited by more than 300 children.
The wild hunt made an appearance on Main Street Cooperstown disguised at the Cooperstown Band for the parade.
A Demon cat was in attendance at the Hartwick Trunk or Treat.
A witch and a jester were spotted plying their craft at the Hartwick Trunk or Treat.
The fairies of the Hartwick American Legion were on hand to hand out candy (and a little bit of pixie dust).
A Charizard was seen threatening a colony of unusual Araquanid and was only placated with a serving of candy.
Sometimes, the monsters, ghosts and ghouls are kind enough to label themselves for what they are. ‘Spooky’
The department of supernatural creatures would like to remind parents that hellcats are wild animals and should be treated with the respect and whole milk they are entitled to.
A clan of sprites made a stop at The Railroad Inn Trunk or Treat on Halloween evening.


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