Art show to feature work of Miller siblings

Art show to feature work
of Miller siblings

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

Miss Dory, gouache on panel, by Sophie Miller

Art can be appreciated by anyone, but for the Miller family, it is a family affair.

Three 20-something siblings are showcasing their artwork all month at The Art Garage at 689 Beaver Road in the town of Middlefield.

Julien Miller, 26, Sophie Miller, 23, and Ginger Miller, 21, are all artists with BFAs and are displaying their work.

Art Garage Curator Sydney Waller described the Millers as “emerging artists.” She said she discovered them because their mother Tracy Helgeson, an accomplished artist from the region, had also had work showcased by Waller.

“I’m already showing the mother; how cool would it be to show the kids,” Waller said.

Julien is an animator who graduated from SUNY Purchase. He is showing two short animation videos each two minutes long. With 2,000 hand drawn visuals, his first piece reflects the “anxiety about climate change and what’s happening in the world around us,” Waller said.

His second piece, “Thrown,” is a “visceral memory” of being hit by a car while crossing a street in Brooklyn.

Sophie is a photographer and painter who “looks for abstract qualities in nature” and the world around her. The paintings “reflect the environment” and are “very cool,” Waller said.

Ginger creates images from fine art magazines and combines them to create something with a totally different look and feel from the original drawings.

Doug Miller, their father, is also an artist who digs up fossils, carves them out of the earth and polishes them.

The show is taking place every day during May. A viewing can be scheduled by calling Waller at 607-547-5327. There will also be a reception at 1 p.m. Friday, May 7.

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