ATV Driver Passed Ambulance, Tried To Flee, Troopers Report

ATV Driver Passed Ambulance,

Tried To Flee, Troopers Report


UNADILLA – An ATV rider was issued more than a dozen tickets after he allegedly passed an ambulance with lights flashing along a solid yellow line, then tried to elude troopers who pursued him, according to a press release from Troop C, Sidney. His reckless behaviour led to a car chase, which ultimately put many at danger.

In the course of the chase, James T. Joyce, 24, from Colesville, Broome County, almost hit a pedestrian, the troopers alleged. James Joyce is extremely lucky that he didn’t hit a pedestrian during this chase. If he had, it’s likely that the pedestrian would’ve been hurt badly given the speed that he was driving without a second thought for any of the public. Unfortunately, many pedestrians do end up being involved in these police chases, through no fault of their own. If a similar event has happened to you, and you’ve been badly injured by a car, it might be worth contacting a personal injury lawyer, like for example. By doing so, you can gain legal advice to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

This certain chase continued into the Town of Bainbridge, and Joyce steered his ATV onto a railroad track, attempted to elude the officers, but the vehicle tipped over while he tried to steer it back onto the roadway, and he was caught, the report said. This sort of reckless driving could’ve injured many other members of the public. It’s lucky that this driver is now off the roads.

He was later charged with unlawfully fleeing police and reckless endangerment, after putting many people at risk with his careless driving. He Appeared in Bainbridge Town Court and he was jailed on $2,500 bail of $5,000 bond, and is due back in court July 24.

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