BECKERT: Letter Platform Appreciated

Letter from Bruce Beckert

Letter Platform Appreciated

I would like to thank this paper for printing my letters over the past two years, as well as the readers that read them. We all are so fortunate to live in this country, the greatest country in the world.

Starting with the Revolutionary War all the way through 9/11, this country has persevered and succeeded. Currently we are in the midst of another crisis to protect our freedom and way of life. God has been with us since the beginning and with our commitment will be with us going forward. This isn’t only important to us and the generations that follow us, but the whole world.

For a long time now we have been misled by big tech, most of the media and much of our government leadership as well as other countries (China, for example) relating to what is correct and good for us and our country. This has led to elections that have had outcomes that have taken this country backward rather than forward. This has picked away at our freedoms and incentives that built our country to be the leader of the world.

I believe there are currently efforts from many organizations and individuals that see what has happened and are rising to feed corrective action, including accurate information. Going forward, it’s our responsibility to research our information sources so our decisions at election time will be the absolute best. We also need to demand from our elected officials that we can 100 percent trust the outcome of our elections. Our current computer tabulation of elections opens the door for manipulation of the election outcomes.

We have some changes in Washington, D.C. coming in January, plus a change in Twitter ownership that may help our direction going forward. With God’s will and our commitment to our country, let’s have hope and prayer going forward.

Bruce Beckert
South New Berlin

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