BECKERT: Vote! Please Help Save Our Country

Letter from Bruce Beckert

Vote! Please Help
Save Our Country

This election is like none other in our time. It will either cement the global elite’s plan for our country or start us back on a path that will ultimately save this country so our grandchildren can have a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity that we have been so blessed with.

The Democrats have gotten used to swaying liberal Republicans, buying key elections with global elites’ dollars or just stealing elections. They have worked our judicial system, our media and the mind of some, so they can pull off most of their tricks. If patriotic Republicans don’t achieve wide margins we will see more elections stolen. Contrary to what many liberals think, a successful Democratic midterm election will lead to a country we will not recognize or be able to reverse. Democrats want a one-party system of government which will end our democracy, our way of life and the principles that have propelled us to the greatest power in the world.

The success of this country doesn’t fit the global elite’s vision for the world and our Democratic Party, along with some Republicans, have become the global elite’s vehicle. They are willing to sacrifice our country for their financial gain.

Thank God Trump has made all this visible! Why do you think the elites and their Democrats are relentlessly after Trump and many of his supporters? They are scared! Prior to Trump, they were very tactfully progressing without many of us understanding their total agenda. It’s now clear that we have the fight of our life before us and our grandchildren/generations to follow are dependent on us to overcome the take down of God’s and our country.

Please! Please vote! I’m scared, but I haven’t given up. I truly believe God is with us and this great country!

Bruce Beckert
South New Berlin

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