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Guernsey: ‘What You Do Matters’

Letter from Sherwood Guernsey ‘What You Do Matters’ Much has been said about Joe Biden’s age, and I’m sure that Trump and your Congressional representative will continue to bring it up and insult him…even though Trump constantly gets things mixed up and can’t remember dates and names. I do not write for sympathy, because none is needed. True, seniors forget some dates, forget some names. But so what? That’s true of all seniors (and many younger folks!). What is also…


Special Counsel in Trump Case is SUNY O Grad

Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith, selected in November to prosecute the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump, graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 1991. Smith grew up in Clay, outside of Syracuse, and earned his Doctor of Law degree at Harvard Law.…


Rudy: Trump May Prevail In Spite of Charges

Letter from John A. Rudy Trump May Prevail In Spite of Charges Donald J. Trump’s indictment and possible conviction and imprisonment in New York—as well as possible future federal or other state indictments, convictions and imprisonments for violations of the criminal statutes of those jurisdictions—will not prevent him from running for president in 2024 even while incarcerated. There is precedent in our history for just that circumstance.…


BECKERT: Vote! Please Help Save Our Country

Letter from Bruce Beckert Vote! Please Help Save Our Country This election is like none other in our time. It will either cement the global elite’s plan for our country or start us back on a path that will ultimately save this country so our grandchildren can have a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity that we have been so blessed with. The Democrats have gotten used to swaying liberal Republicans, buying key elections with global elites’ dollars or just stealing…


Views Around New York State: July 8, 2021

Views Around New York State Suing Georgia over voting rights is just the start From The Albany Times-Union: Georgia was among a host of GOP-controlled states that in the aftermath of Republican Donald Trump’s loss to Democrat Joe Biden for the presidency have intensified efforts to pass laws brazenly aimed at suppressing votes by people of color. Georgia and its defenders offered the weak defense that some of the provisions it passed will expand voting rights, as if a little…


FURNARI: More Trump Flags On The Way

LETTER from SAL FURNARI More Trump Flags On The Way To the Editor: This is a reaction to Consuelo Kraham Velez’s letter in the March 18 edition. And I write this for some of those that are fearful of being canceled because they worry about expressing their beliefs that may not be popular with their employer, their neighbor, or their governing body in their community. Of course we will accept a portion of our money back. Let’s call it a…

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