Bound Volumes 11-11-21

Bound Volumes

Theodore Pomeroy, having opened an Office two doors east of the Druggist Shop of George Pomeroy, offers himself to the inhabitants of the village of Cooperstown and its vicinity, as a Practitioner in Physic and Surgery. Having furnished himself with Trepanning Instruments and all others necessary in common operations, he holds himself in readiness to attend to calls with the most rigid punctuality.
November 9, 1811

Cost of Keeping a Horse — During the past winter, as well as on previous occasions, I have calculated the cost of keeping horses; and my experience has led me to believe that a horse weighing 1,000 lbs., and being worked more or less, several times a week, can be well kept on 15 lbs. of hay, (five lbs. at each meal) with three quarts of corn, or six quarts of oats per day. The cost will, of course, vary according to the price of hay or grain; when hay is worth as it now is, $20 per ton at the barn, and oats 50 cents per bushel, the cost would be about $1.75 per week.
November 15, 1861

Local — The first snow that covered the ground here fell on the night of Saturday last and during a portion of Sunday; to a depth of about six inches. The weather was cold and rough. Mr. W.H. Michaels has shown enterprise and good taste in building one of the finest markets in the interior of the State. He moved into it on Wednesday, and is now “at home” to those who will favor him with a call —
and if they wish something to eat, they will not call in vain.

The Oliver Wren Company will appear in Bowne Opera House, under the auspices of Neptune Fire Engine Co. No. 3, next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. This company has played here before to large and well-pleased audiences. Bear in mind that these entertainments are for the benefit of the faithful firemen, and give them full houses. Reserved seats are for sale at Reynolds’ Bookstore.
November 13, 1886

The first prize awarded for the best sample of hops at the American Land and Irrigation Exposition in Madison Square Garden, New York City, last week, was won by D.W. Mitchell of Schuyler Lake, Otsego County. The trophy is a silver cup valued at $1,000, given by Adolphus Busch, the well-known brewer of St. Louis and Cooperstown. The supremacy of Otsego County hops is thus firmly established for there were exhibitions of hops from every hop state in the Union, and the award was made after a most careful examination at Washington, whither samples were sent for analysis.
November 15, 1911

Four Cooperstown-area youths allegedly grabbed a 70-pound pig from the Grasslands Farm pig pen south of the village Wednesday night of last week and let it loose in front of the Cooperstown post office. Village police officer Gerald E. Smith, summoned to the scene, captured the pig — and, a short time later, collared the culprits. No charges have yet been preferred. The incident, apparently a holdover from Halloween the night before, occurred about 9 p.m. The pig was taken to the office of veterinarian Dr. T.H. Hughes, where Harold Caulkins, superintendent of the Grasslands Farm came and picked it up.
November 8, 1961

Matt Hoskins, a Cooperstown elementary school student, was a semi-finalist in the Scenic America Art Competition sponsored by the Marcal Paper Mills, Inc., Elmwood, N.J. and under the auspices of the National Arbor Day Foundation. Using art as a medium, students were asked to demonstrate their feelings regarding the importance of trees and their function and value to man. Hoskins, along with other semi-finalists has been awarded a $500 savings bond. The bond was presented to Hoskins by Mr. N.R. Marcalus, president of the Marcal Company at the school on November 6.
November 12, 1986

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