BOUND VOLUMES March 26, 2020


March 26, 2020


Married on the Ninth Inst. at Washington City by the Rev. Mr. Hawley, Samuel Lawrence Governeur, Esq. of New York to Miss Maria Hester Monroe, youngest daughter of the President of the United States.
Editor: To Patrons – This number completes half a year since the resumption of our editorial duties; and we should be unmindful of our obligations to the public, were we to refrain from expressing our thanks for the patronage this paper has received. There are but few country journals in the state, whose circulation is more extensive; and this evidence of approbation, is deemed sufficient to increase our exertions to make the paper more useful and respectable.

March 27, 1820


Anti-Rent actions in Delaware County – On Monday last, Sheriff Steele and C.E. Parker went to Andes to serve some Chancery Subpoenas and a summons. On their return, near Fish Lake, they were stopped by some fourteen disguised and armed men. It being evening and somewhat dark, they were forced to return to Andes, where they were detained till near night the next day. While in confinement at Andes, Steele succeeded in sending a special message to Delhi, who arrived at about 12 o’clock. The Sheriff then summoned almost every man in Delhi, who went with him to Andes, armed and prepared for a conflict. When we got there no Indians were to be found – their friends having sent an express from Delhi, to inform them the Sheriff was coming prepared for action. Yesterday, the Sheriff with his posse, returned through Bovina, and arrested one person, who is indicted for having been disguised, &c. Today, with a posse of about 400 men, armed, he went to Kortright, and sold on an execution where he had been prevented from selling before by the appearance of some 75 or 80 Indians. Steele has selected about 50 men and is preparing to start
to make arrests this evening.

March 24, 1845


Hospital Notice – Patients must make application before admittance at the Hospital – either in person or by letter. In no case are patients admitted without previous application, unless in the event of very sudden attacks, or accidents, when immediate help is needed. All applications should be made to Dr. Lathrop, or Miss Cooper, and accompanied by a letter from a physician of good character. There will be two vacancies in the men’s ward very soon, owing to the dismissal of convalescent patients. Rags for carpeting, will be gratefully received. The female patients are preparing them both for use at the hospital, and also for the new Orphan House. Susan Fenimore Cooper S.F.C.

March 24, 1870


Local: Charles R. Burch went to New York last week to consult occulists and had a successful operation performed upon his eyes. He was accompanied by T.C. Turner.  Mr. Burch is expected home in a few days.
A gentleman interested in bringing out “Mikado,” the entertainment, says: “Ladies should come prepared to take off their hats.” There are some very desirable seats left unsold for Thursday night, and not all are sold for Friday night.
Monday was the first really spring-like day of the season – sunshine and shower, light snow squalls at times, and a south wind melting the snow on the ground; in the evening the chirp of the robins.
James P. Kinney of this village has the contract for putting the hedge around the hospital building lot. The plants used will be from the celebrated Chautauqua Nursery of Portland, New York.
The Rev. Sherman Coolidge, missionary to the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming, who is a full-blooded Indian, will conduct a religious service in Christ Church Wednesday at 8 o’clock. The public is cordially invited to attend.

March 28, 1895


Mrs. Hyde Sued on Defamation Charge – Action for defamation of character was begun in this village on Saturday of last week, when summonses were served on Mrs. W.T. Hyde, owner of the Glimmerglen Farms and county agent for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The amounts sought as damages in these actions were not made public. The actions were brought by four employees of the Hyde properties and Glimmerglen Farms as a result of accusations made in connection with the disappearance of one fur-lined man’s overcoat, and one ladies’ leather overcoat. As far as known the missing property has not been recovered, although state troopers have been investigating the case. The plaintiffs are Charles Jennings, who is in charge of the poultry house at Glimmerglen Farms; Floyd Green, a stableman; Silas Marsh, a chauffeur, and Eugene Frank a greenhouse man.

March 24, 1920


Cooperstown Central School’s Girls Volleyball Team has won the Center State Conference championship. The Redskin girls beat Hamilton in the semi-finals 15-10, and 15-12 and then came back to upend Clinton 15-4, and 15-12. That finished the season for an unblemished 7-0 record. Members of the team are: Mary Chamberlin, Mary O’Leary, Margaret Towne, Cathy Towne, Elizabeth Blessin, Eileen Miller, Janet Phillips, Jeanne Warner and Laura Karkowski.

March 25, 1970


The $250,000 Doubleday Field renovation project is going “swimmingly,” according to the Chairman of the Doubleday Field Advisory Committee Chairman, Stuart Taugher. Taugher was recently elected to the Cooperstown Village Board. Drainage work on the field has been completed and workers are pouring the concrete for the restroom floors. Work on electrical service and plumbing will commence next week. Taugher added that the project is of such a nature that meetings of the Doubleday Field Advisory Board will be held at 5 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month.

March 26, 1995


Springbrook will soon welcome twenty-four children with disabilities from as far away as Wisconsin, while saving $890,000 annually. Springbrook receives fourteen million, seven hundred thousand dollars from state bonds, more than paid for by the savings, and can begin a twenty million dollar expansion that includes duplexes for the twenty-four residences, infrastructure, six classrooms and an expanded gymnasium.

March 25, 2010

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