Bound Volumes: May 25, 2023

Bound Volumes

May 25, 2023

The King of Bavaria, with the intention of meeting the extraordinary exigencies of the state without increasing the amount of debt, and without obstructing the payments of the different services, which are made with the greatest regularity, has ordered that the voluntary loan which had been opened through the medium of a lottery, should be converted into a forced loan; in consequence of which all the inhabitants of the kingdom who possess a fortune of more than 2,000 florins, or a salary or pension above 600 florins, are to contribute to this loan according to their fortunes or salaries – so that those who are possessed of a fortune of from 2,000 to 4,000 florins, shall be obliged to purchase a ticket of the value of 10 florins; of from 4,000 to 5,000 florins, a ticket at 25 florins; of 10,000 florins, a ticket at 150 florins; and for every 1,000 above 10,000, an additional ticket at 15 florins.

May 22, 1813

Artillery Regimental Orders, May 7, 1838 – In pursuance of the power vested in me, I Seth H. Chase, Colonel, and commanding officer of the 12th Regiment of Artillery of the Militia of the State of New York, do hereby appoint a Regimental Court Martial, for the trial of all delinquents and deficiencies, in the said Regiment, to consist of three members, viz: Lieut. Colonel Wm. P. Jones, of Exeter, as President thereof; Capt. Barzilla R. Brown, of Decatur and Lieut. Benj. F. Spencer, of Maryland, as members. The said court will convene on the 8th day of October next, at the house of Isaac Lewis, in the Village of Cooperstown, and adjourn from time to time, as shall become necessary for the transaction of business. Seth H. Chase, Colonel.

May 21, 1838

The Coming Disintegration of the Republican Party – There can be no reasonable doubt among calm and well-informed politicians that the Republican Party will be badly beaten this year – and then as a natural result, follows its complete disintegration. It long ago reached its culminating point – it has been going down the western slope for the past decade – and after this year is destined to give place to some other political organization. The Republican Party has held power of late years largely through the ability of its leaders to so work upon the fears of a large class of men that they have simply voted “against changing the federal government.” They have been made to believe that it was dangerous to do so; that to place the Democrats in power was to invite all sorts of political evils. In Congress, the Republican Party is without any policy except to oppose what the Democrats may propose, either in the way of tariff reform or anything else. It is the same in the country at large. All that is heard from that source is the cry: “Let us turn the Democrats out of power.” The people will do nothing of the kind. (Ed. Note: Republican Benjamin Harrison won the presidential election of 1888, defeating incumbent President Grover Cleveland. However, Cleveland returned to the White House in 1892, defeating Harrison’s own bid for a second term)

May 25, 1888

Following the appearance in the Star Theatre last week of the moving picture “Cleopatra,” our fellow townsman, F. Victor Schenck, has been playing daily the part of Marc Anthony. Papa has to lie down on the floor after supper and play dead while Victorine, the wee daughter of the household, shakes him up, pulls his hair, and tries to wake him like Cleopatra did her lover. With all the grace of childish mimicry little Victorine impersonates Cleopatra. The little Queen of the household has become the Queen of Egypt. After the Schenck tot saw Cinderella, the scenes from that play were enacted by herself – all of which serves to illustrate the impressions made by the moving picture upon the mind of a sprightly child, and emphasizes the importance of children being allowed to see only pictures that are good.

May 28, 1913

The Cooperstown Rotary Club made its annual visit to the high school on Tuesday of last week where luncheon was served by the students of the Homemaking Department under the direction of Miss Lucy A. Schempp, the instructor. The repast was cooked and served entirely by the students themselves, and the club men, at its close, gave hearty applause as an expression of their appreciation. Following the luncheon entertainment was provided in the auditorium by instrumental soloists including Fletcher Blanchard, violin; Frederick Robinson, saxophone; Eugene Olmstead, violin; Archie Mogavero, clarinet; Alton G. Dunn, Jr. saxophone; and Leo Potrikus, cornet.

May 25, 1938

The Rt. Rev. Allen W. Brown, S.T.D., Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, will bless and dedicate the new youth conference and camping facilities known as Beaver Cross at Springfield Center, Sunday. The estate, formerly known as Ringwood with all buildings and a 38-acre plot was given to the Diocese of Albany by John B. Ryerson of Cooperstown and Springfield Center.

May 22, 1963

David Wilshere has found his niche in a town famous for baseball. Wilshere, 45, is the groundskeeper at Doubleday Field, a job he has held for the last 10 years. His work at the field begins in early April and ends in October. During the off-season he is a member of the village crew. “Basically, I like just being outdoors and on the field. I take pride in it.”

May 25, 1988

Potholes on Main Street are a thing of the past following six months of construction that filled the village’s business district with heavy machinery. The “Main Street Again” celebration, sponsored by the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce and the Village of Cooperstown will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. Friday in Pioneer Park. The smooth street will be feted with street magic, face painting, balloon art and refreshments.

May 23, 2003

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