BOUND VOLUMES Sept. 13, 2019


Sept. 13, 2019


The inhabitants of Texas, disappointed in the hope of being included within the territories of the United States, by the recent treaty between our government and that of Spain, have declared themselves independent of the Spanish crown, and state that they have “prepared themselves to meet and firmly to sustain, any conflict in which this declaration may involve them.”
Died: In this village on Wednesday last, Ellen, an infant daughter of Mr. George Pomeroy.

September 13, 1819


Democrats! There will be a Pole Raising in the Village of Cooperstown on Tuesday next at 3 o’clock p.m. to which a general invitation to all Polkers is hereby given.
The State nominations made at Syracuse on the 4th instant, are in conformity with the Democratic voice. The whole proceedings were harmonious, and the Convention
separated with the best feelings. Throughout the entire State, the response from the Democracy has been warm-hearted, inspiring the strongest confidence in our strength, and inspiring a triumphant victory.

September 16, 1844


Baseball – A game of baseball between the first nine of the Haymakers of New Lisbon and the second nine of the Lightfoots of Morris, on the grounds of the former, on Saturday the fourth instant, esulted in victory for the Haymakers, 19 to 10.
Commodore Boden of the Otsego Lake flotilla has recently purchased the steam yacht Mary, formerly a government gun boat employed during the war for operating in southern rivers. The Mary is expected to arrive here today (Friday, September 10, 1869), whence she will be placed on a couple of cars and transported over the Albany and Cooperstown roads. Her machinery will be taken out upon her arrival here. She is about forty feet in length, and intended to be used for picnic parties on the beautiful Otsego Lake, and will also run during navigation, in connection with the C. and S.V. R.R. It will be, we believe, the first steam boat that ever woke the echoes of Natty Bumppo’s cave.

September 10, 1869


Local – A fine of $10 may be imposed for fast driving in the streets of this village. If inflicted in a few cases it might work a needed reform.
Mr. E.F. Beadle went up to the old family homestead in Pierstown on Tuesday, the anniversary of his seventy-third birthday.
About 80 young people are expected to join in the sport of “the paper chase,” at Hyde Hall, head of the lake, today, Wednesday.
Inspectors – The following additional inspectors of election have been appointed in the several districts of this town pursuant to Chapter 348 of the laws of 1894, which provides for four inspectors, instead of three – First District, Jesse P. Johnston; Second District, L Grand Brainerd; Third District, Harry Spingler; Fourth District, Alfred T. Williams; Fifth District, Jesse J. Ellsworth.

September 13, 1894


(Excerpts from an address by Dr. Anna Howard Shaw regarding the costs of World War I as experienced by women and the call for a League of Nations to ensure future peace) “Who can estimate the value of seven million one hundred dead sons of the women of the world? Who can estimate the price which the women have paid for this war? We hear the orators tell us of the courage of our men – how they went across the sea. Very few of them remember to tell us of the courage of our women, who also went across the sea, of the women who died nursing the sick and wounded, the women who died in the hospitals where the terrible bombs came and drove them almost to madness. They tell nothing of the forty thousand English women who went to work back of the trenches in France. If there is any body of citizens in the world who ought to be interested in a League of Nations to ultimately bring to the world peace, it is the mothers of men, and the women who suffered, as only women can suffer in the war and devastated countries.”

September 10, 1919


Christ Episcopal Church will take a giant step forward in its Christian Education program for adults and students during the coming academic year as it occupies its new and enlarged parish house for church school activities on Sunday, September 14. It will also mark the first time that families may attend services together with study sessions for all at the same time. All classes from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 will attend the 9 a.m. Holy Communion Service with pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students leaving the church for their classes after the offertory. On the second and fourth Sundays of each month these grades will have their own services in the Chapel as they have in the past. Grades 6 through 12 will attend their classes after the 9 o’clock services. All classes will be dismissed at 10:30 a.m.

September 10, 1969


It’s only a trickle now, but some worry that the exodus of some downtown businesses to locations outside the village may become a stream, carrying away much of the local service village residents desire. Cooperstown Optical moved its Pioneer Street office to the former NYSEG customer service center on south Route 28. Cooperstown Optical’s former neighbor, the Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism/Addiction Foundation, is set to move September 16 into the Hyde Park Office Complex. “It could be a potential tide,” said village Trustee Giles Russell, who also serves as chairman of the village Planning Commission. Lack of nearby parking for customers and staff was cited by both organizations as a factor in their decision to relocate.

September 7, 1994


There’s a photo somewhere showing Melanie Oudin’s great-grandmother, Dorothy Savage Oudin, playing tennis in a long white Victorian dress. Her great-granddaughter is taking the tradition farther than Dorothy Oudin could ever have conceived. At the U.S. Tennis Open, Melanie, age 17, of Marietta, Georgia, has beaten Elena Dementiava (ranked number 4), the famed Maria Sharapova (29) and Nadia Petrova (13, to enter the quarterfinals. She is the youngest player to get that far since Serena Williams in 1999.

September 11, 2009

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