Brooks Robinson Photo Recalls Best Play Ever


Brooks Robinson Photo

Recalls Best Play Ever

To the Editor:

Re: Brooks Robinson photo on recent front page:

I watched a lot of baseball on TV around 1970. The single best play I ever saw was in the 1969 All-Star Game.

Johnny Bench hit a rocket down the third-base line. Brooks dove flat out to glove it and threw the ball to first while airborne. It was high and a bit on the second-base side.

Carl Yastrzemski leaped off the bag to catch the throw and swipe-tagged Bench out.


2 thoughts on “Brooks Robinson Photo Recalls Best Play Ever

  1. Don Rockwell

    This description of the Brooks Robinson play cannot be correct – Yastrzemski played left field in the game, and Bench – to the best of my knowledge – didn’t hit it to 3rd base.

    Here’s the play-by-play:

    Perhaps the writer is thinking of the 1970 World Series? Still, that exact play didn’t happen; in 1971, Bench hit a laser to Robinson, who fielded the ball and easily through him out (this is the play where Bench threw up his arms in despair).

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