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Hamill: City Needs New Leadership

How many photo ops can one mayor have? One? Maybe a dozen or more? On Mayor Drnek’s Facebook page, he’s got more photo ops than policies to help end the drug epidemic as well as the homeless problem and other issues in the City of Oneonta.…


Zeh: Basile is Right Candidate for Job

I am writing to express my opinion on the upcoming Otsego County clerk election. It is imperative that the right candidate be chosen for the position to ensure that the clerk’s office and DMV are managed effectively. In this regard, I strongly believe that Jennifer Basile is the right candidate for the job.…


Lachance: Senior Picnic was ‘Spectacular’

On behalf of the Otsego County Council of Senior Citizens, I write to express our gratitude for the success of the 2023 Annual Otsego County Senior Citizens Picnic. It was held at the Glimmerglass State Park on August 9 and had 212 registered seniors for the event. The day was spectacular!…


Seward: Seward Endorses Jennifer Basile

I worked with hundreds—maybe thousands—of public servants during my decades of serving our region as state senator. There’s no question that Jennifer Basile is one of the best of the bunch. She is hardworking, detail-oriented and committed to customer service. I’m proud to call Jennifer Basile a friend and look forward to casting my ballot for her for Otsego County clerk in this year’s election. She has my full endorsement.…


Hamill: City’s Progress In Question

I firmly and completely agree with County Representative Clark Oliver’s statement about the situation facing the City of Oneonta and the importance of the county’s role in this matter at the County Board meeting. The question remains as to why the mayor of the City of Oneonta has not addressed this matter and others.…


Greco: County Clerk Choice is Clear

As a voter, your responsibility is to choose the candidate whom you believe is best suited for the position you are voting for. In the Otsego County clerk race, there are two candidates that are running. One candidate boasts over a decade of experience in the County Clerk’s Office, while the other candidate has absolutely no prior experience in this role. One candidate has been appointed by our current county clerk for two terms for reasons that are obvious.…


Wilber: ‘Keep the Experience’

We have two candidates in the running for Otsego County clerk. Jennifer Basile, a paralegal, and a notary who has been working in that office for 14 years. Jennifer has been the deputy clerk for seven of those years. She knows the complex workings of that office inside in out. Local attorneys who are a prime source of the documents maintained by the office give her great reviews.…


Malhotra: Our Way To Save the Planet

How, on a personal level, are we trying to save the planet from global warming? Since 2016, we got 42 solar panels installed by using my retirement money. We are saving five to 10 trees each month, or a carbon offset of 450-900 pounds per month. By August 2023, we will have saved 420-840 trees with a carbon offset of 37,800-75,600 pounds.…

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