City Perfect For Artspace, Feasibility Study Reports


Feasibility Report:

Oneonta Is Perfect

For Artspace Project

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

Artspace today released a positive preliminary report on a site in Oneonta.

ONEONTA – Artspace believes that Oneonta would be an ideal location for a mixed-use, live/work spaces for artists, according to a report from the Minneapolis-based non-profit released today.


“The report speaks clearly,” said Mayor Gary Herzig. “They found a lot of support and a real sense of need for this kind of construction.”

Collaborative workspace/maker space was the most-needed usage, the study found.

“Currently, participants primarily use their homes, garages, and basements for their creative work,” the report read.  “A collaborative space in Oneonta would help artists transition from students to working artists, encourage collaboration, and provide an attainable entry point for individuals exploring a new medium.”



Participants wanted both “clean” spaces for digital art, graphic design, video or sound production and robotics, as well as “dirty” spaces – for fire arts, spray paint or metal-working – available to the public by membership.

Live-work spaces, which Artspace is known for, were also desired, as was gallery space. “Oneonta is an expensive housing market, and this concept would increase downtown living opportunities and add to the city’s creative vibrancy,” read the report. “ This type of residential space allows artists to live and create in the same space.

Herzig said that the core group, lead by Colleen Brannan, SUNY Oneonta Chief of Staff, would start by putting together a survey for artists to determine what sorts of workspaces they’d be interested in. “It’s not clear yet what is practical, feasible and desired,” said Herzig.

From there, Herzig said, the core group would begin determining how to get the live-work spaces built. “We plan to actively pursue it as an option,” he said. “But we want to look at all the options for getting it built.”

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