COLONE: Use Bed-Tax Increase To Build County Future


Use Bed-Tax Increase

To Build County Future

To the Editor:

I saw in your papers where there was going to be a presentation Tuesday, Jan. 21, to discuss increasing the county lodging tax 2 percent, with the new $1 million in projected revenue, dedicated to support road improvements throughout the county.

Let me offer my general support for the idea, whatever good that might bring.

However, I do believe dedicating the funds to road improvement is shortsighted, missing a wonderful opportunity of doing something meaningful to support improving the quality of life throughout the county. Perhaps there should be a proposal for a 3 percent increase, understanding that the added 1 percent be dedicated and used for commerce-building initiatives within the county.

For example, the increase legislation should consider returning just the proportion of the 1 percent share generated from within the Oneontas, back to the Oneontas and dedicated to growing economic and tourism development within the community; not to underwrite municipal operations.

For far too long, the Oneontas, the county’s only urban center, have been terribly shortchanged of the local capital resources needed to seed the growth of commerce within the Oneontas; the county’s most important commercial hub.

This source of annual lead funds would provide the capital resources, making it a real economic, job-creating kick starter for the community at large; and by extension the county.



City of Oneonta

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