Community Bank VP Urges Customers To Consult Local Branch


Consult Local Branch,

Anxious Customers Told

By PARKER FISH • Special to

Authorities say this ATM, located at Community Bank’s Southside Oneonta branch, had been compromised by a card-skimming device. (Ian Austin/

ONEONTA – Community Bank customers concerned their confidential information may have been compromised by the Scranton ATM Scanner are being advised to call their local branches.

Bank Senior VP/Retail Banking Hal Wentworth said bank policy is not to discuss security breaches publicly, but added, “We are cooperating with law enforcement on this ongoing investigation.”

Community Bank follows Visa’s zero-liability policy, Wentworth said, “which protects our customers from fraud or unauthorized use of their accounts.”

State police at Troop C announced this morning that it was discovered at 11:30 a.m. Saturday that a device had been added to the drive-thru ATM at Community’s Southside Oneonta branch that read debit- and credit-card information, which  might then be used for fraudulent purposes.

The security camera show the image of a man who looked very similar to one suspected in similar activities in the Scranton, Pa., area.

According to Visa, which supplies Community Bank’s debit cards, the zero-liability policy ensures  customers will not be held accountable for fraudulent charges.  “You’re protected if your Visa credit or debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline,” Visa’s website states.


One thought on “Community Bank VP Urges Customers To Consult Local Branch

  1. Doug

    There has been skimmers all over Southside Oneonta. I myself was victim to fraud by a skimmer that is believed to have been at the speedway gas pump. Thieves either sold the info or used themselves to later get caught by the professionals at my bank and management of Saks fifth Avenue at Woodbury Commons outlet mall.
    Thank you NBT for having such diligence in your fraud department.

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