Council Member Eyes Short-Term Rentals

Council Member Eyes

Short-Term Rentals

Frazier at the July 30 meeting of the Common Council. (Parker Fish/

By PARKER FISH • Special to

ONEONTA – With the end of the 2018 tourist season quickly approaching,  Common Council member Michele Frazier is getting ready to tackle the city’s short-term rental laws.

Room-sharing apps such as Airbnb and VRBO have raised concerns across the city about the standing short-term rental policies.

“The thing that we need to understand is that, in the past 10 years, there has been a change in culture,” said Mayor Gary Herzig. “Ten years ago, when I traveled, I would have never thought to stay in anything other than a hotel. Now, when I travel, I stay in Airbnbs because it’s cheaper and the experience is better.”

At the end of tonight’s Common Council meeting, Frazier asked Herzig where the city stood with the current short-term rental laws.

Oneonta is waiting to see how other communities faced the issue figure it out, then consider how Oneonta will proceed, Herzig replied.

Frazier said she disagrees with the mayor’s approach, and believes a proactive approach to the short-term rental law would be more beneficial.

“I think not addressing this issue puts Oneonta behind the eight-ball and not in front of it,” she said. “I just wanted to make it clear that it is something that I do plan on bringing up in September.”

One thought on “Council Member Eyes Short-Term Rentals

  1. ronald shapley

    Like what Madame Council member ??? Decreasing Oneonta’s rental housing stock so no one can afford to live in Oneonta ??? I want to come home but there are no affordable apartments available. Student housing and short term rentals has contributed to that. It’s time this City council stood up for Oneonta….

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