Democrats Back Delgado; Casale Says, ‘Do Your Job’


Democrats Back Delgado;

Casale Says, ‘Do Your Job’

The Otsego County Democratic Party praises Congressman Antonio Delgado, D-19, for his “judgment and commitment to the critical oversight role” in changing his mind and now supporting President Trump’s impeachment.

But Republican County Chairman Vince Casale said the first-term congressmen is simply “appealing to a small angry group of socialist liberals who control his re-election.”

In his pro-impeachment statement issued at 8:43 a.m. today, Delgado explained, “The President has admitted to soliciting the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival.  In doing so, the President used the power of the presidency to pressure a foreign government to help him win an election.

“This, by itself, is an impeachable offense,” he continued.  “And yet, even more troubling is the fact that prior to this conversation, the President instructed his administration to withhold military aid that Ukraine needed to fend off Russian aggression.”

The local Democratic Party’s statement’s supported this, noting, “Beginning an impeachment investigation is the appropriate response when there is credible evidence that the laws of this country may have been violated by a sitting President.”

But Casale said, “I wish the Congressman would focus on doing the work of the people of his district instead of taking us down another rabbit hole.  It wasn’t enough to waste the taxpayer’s time and money on the Muller investigation, now we are on to a new bogus charge against the President.”

4 thoughts on “Democrats Back Delgado; Casale Says, ‘Do Your Job’

  1. Art miller

    Typical liberal Democrat. I didn’t vote for him the first time and I’m sure not gonna next time. He’s being twisted by Schumer and and the blond bimbo!

  2. John LaBrecque

    I support Rep. Delgado. This President has seen fit to insult those who have given their sons, their lives, and their fortunes in support of the United States of America. It may be that our citizens could not take the time to read the Mueller report and its evidence that Trump has all the trappings of a manchurian candidate. He has destroyed our alliances, he has driven away our allies, he has created instability where there was peace and stability. Far from making America Greater, he has weakened us. Our current economic strengthen is built upon borrowed money. Our farmers and our manufacturers are growing weaker with every month of this Trumpian turmoil. It is time for Donald Trump to face justice. Impeachment is too mild a step- he needs to face trial for treason.

  3. John Webb

    I totally support Congressman Delgado’s position and urge the House to proceed with the impeachment process. It is long overdue. Mr. Casale’s response, although risible, is entirely to be expected. After all, he’s a Republican who, like so many in the once respectable Grand Old Party, have bought into the dishonesty, the wanton disregard for law, for the Constitution and for democracy itself. Whether or not the Senate votes to convict is a matter for later, but for now, it is time that Trump’s crimes and misdemeanors be presented and that his Republican supporters be made to account for their irresponsible behavior. Good work, Congressman Delgado.

  4. megk

    It appears to me Congressman Delgado is doing his job. I remember “checks and balances” from grade school. It seems that many have forgotten or choose to ignore ethics and the constitution. Let’s remember how we got here and not let it happen again.

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