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Letter from Mark Drnek

Benton is Willing, Experienced

A passion for the promise of a better future, and a burning desire to play a leadership role in realizing our county’s potential.

An ability to identify opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, and a willingness to listen to others and entertain new ideas.

These are a few of the compelling reasons to vote for MacGuire Benton for County clerk.

MacGuire has been a champion of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ return to Oneonta, for which I commend him.

He has the vision to understand the DMV office’s value to the city and to the convenience of our county’s residents. And I look forward to working with him to see his plans become reality.

MacGuire has been a community organizer, deputy elections commissioner, village trustee, and most connective to my own scale of important experiences, a customer service professional.

That combination of experience and willing embrace of new ideas is what we need now.

I ask you to join me in support of MacGuire Benton for Otsego County clerk.

Mark Drnek
Mayor, City of Oneonta


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