otsego county clerk


Tague: Basile is the Clear Choice

Jennifer Basile has been a loyal, dedicated employee at the County Clerk’s Office for the past 14 years. With her unsurpassed and proven credentials, she is the obvious choice to lead us into the future. I fully endorse Jennifer Basile as our next county clerk.…


Marra: Support, Vote for Benton

I have known MacGuire Benton for over a decade. During that time period, I have come to know MacGuire on many levels, as a friend, a colleague, and a valued employee. For almost this entire 10-year period, MacGuire has been employed by the Cooperstown Distillery.…


Marietta: Vision Important in Clerk Race

As the November 7 election approaches, Otsego County will select its new county clerk. The race has been framed around experience, but I would counter that the race is about vision. I will be voting for MacGuire Benton for county clerk because he will bring a focus on entrepreneurialism and improved accessibility of services to our residents.…


Kiernan, Hohensee: Benton Positive, Energetic

We are writing in support of MacGuire Benton as our next Otsego County clerk. In our roles as current and former Town of Otsego government officials, we’ve worked with MacGuire when he was a member of the Village of Cooperstown Board of Trustees and gotten to know him as a positive, energetic, intelligent and committed individual of great character.…


Sittler: Basile Only Real Choice for Clerk

This November, there is an important election coming up that requires every Otsego County voter to go to the polls. And it has nothing to do with politics, or being Republican or Democrat, and it doesn’t involve any of the things people get worked up about these days.…


French: Benton Won’t Leave Us Behind

I had the privilege of meeting MacGuire Benton during our annual Unadilla Fire Department chicken barbeque at the Carnival of Sales in Unadilla. MacGuire came to volunteer and stepped right in to help. He showed real interest in what this community is all about and all it has to offer. MacGuire didn’t stop there.…


Hamill: Benton Can Make a Difference

As a former candidate for local and county government, I firmly support and endorse MacGuire Benton for county clerk. He has the ability and experience to make a difference in this county, the determination to help lead the county in the right direction, and the willingness to work with all people in this county.…


Dillingham: Benton for County Clerk

When was the last time you enjoyed your visit to the Otsego County DMV? Well, MacGuire Benton, running for county clerk, is determined to change all that. He has energy, ideas and loves people. He wants to revitalize our county clerk operations to make them more convenient, more transparent and more efficient.…

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