DUNCAN: Mix Medicine, Wisdom Of Ages


Mix Medicine, Wisdom Of Ages

To the Editor:

So Bassett has a new machine to fight cancer. The TrueBeam. It makes you think that this is the final answer.

Have you ever noticed how man is always looking for something outside of himself to heal himself? It’s like COVID: Everyone is wearing masks to protect themselves, and others, and many are waiting for a shot that they think will save them.

The trouble is, a virus is much smarter than man and can change and morph before the drug even gets to the counter. It’s my understanding that the virus can change in 21 days.

I’m not saying you should not wear a mask or get a shot, because it can surely help. I’m saying, what is the real root of the problem? Why is it that some people get sick and others don’t?

It seems to me it all goes back to the immunity system of your own body. Why do they leave that part out? What are you doing to make your immunity system stronger? Food? Herbs? Exercises? Do you really think someone else is going to save you? Are you putting responsibility on machines and drugs?

On the new machine, the article left out all of the side effects such as: fatigue, nausea, swelling at the treatment site, diarrhea, lymphedema and secondary cancer, just to name a few things.

Allopathic medicine is fixated on external solutions to health. This is, unfortunately, the way the modern doctors have been trained to think.

This is not to say the machine is useless. By integrating other knowledge, it could be a lot more powerful and less destructive. Without a broader perspective it will only get the job half done … and we suffer for it.

Hartwick Forrest

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