Faso Votes For House Bill, Faults Senate For Shutdown

Faso Votes For House Bill,

Faults Senate For Shutdown

Congressman Faso

U.S. Rep. John Faso, R-19, who represents Otsego County, voted yesterday for the House bill to avoid a governmental shutdown, and today blamed a “cynical ploy” by Senate Democrats for failing to follow through.

Here is his statement:

“The government shutdown was completely avoidable and absolutely unnecessary. It’s extremely disappointing that Senate Democrats have shut down the government, blocking military pay and a full extension of the CHIP program, over a non-budgetary issue.

“The House passed a bill that would have kept the government open, our troops paid, veteran benefits cases being processed and every other function of our government operating properly. Instead, Senate Democrats voted against this bill because they’re taking hostages over the DACA issue. The DACA deadline is March 5th and bipartisan negotiations are close to resolving that issue.

“This is a cynical ploy designed to placate the radical left wing in the Democratic party who prefer a government shut down in order to get what they want on DACA. Senate Democrats need to put the interests of the entire nation first and end their shutdown extortion game now.”

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