Fighting For ‘Purity’ Always Preferable To The Alternatives

Fighting For
Preferable To The Alternatives

To the Editor:
Mike Zagata’s (Jan. 10) “Renewable’s Not Ready To Replace Gas” is a prime example of “Reductio ad Absurdum”…treating a vital but complex issue as if it were all or nothing.
Until we reach heaven, nothing is 100-percent pure, and informed advocates of wind, tide, or solar power don’t say they are.
But compared to fossil fuels, they are overwhelmingly less toxic. Pitting “Climate Change” in quotes, as Trump also does, is sheer denial of what we are all experiencing. The explosive hurricanes, increasing sea coast flooding, and deadly forest fires are undeniable, and so is the rising pollution.
There will always be traces of lead or mercury in our air and water, but fighting for its “purity” is life saving, as is our ongoing struggle against under-regulated industrial pollution.

Springfield Center

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