First Local Case In Three Weeks Reported Today

First Local Case

In Three Weeks

Reported Today

CDC image of the coronavirus

COOPERSTOWN – The first case of coronavirus in more than three weeks has surfaced in Otsego County, county Public Health Director Heidi Bond reported this afternoon.

All contacts have been notified and are in quarantine, she said.

This case not associated with the Unadilla Livestock Auction; Bond issued an alert Friday afternoon after learning an out-of-county individual who attended without a mask had later come down with COVID-19.

She urged people: Stay home when you are feeling ill, wear a mask when you cannot maintain a 6-foot distance and practice social distancing.

The current COVID numbers are:

• 63 total confirmed cases
• 0 hospitalized
• 57 recovered from illness
• Five deaths
• 13 people on quarantine/isolation

2 thoughts on “First Local Case In Three Weeks Reported Today

  1. Diana W. Heeman

    For everyone who feels masks are a nuisance, they are, but the alternative can be deadly. So far, I have seen a few men without masks in Otsego County, and fellows, if you think a mask is a pain, try being a woman having a hot flash while wearing one. Similar to being in a sauna with the heat turned way up. Count your lucky stars you won’t have that problem, and WEAR THAT MASK!

  2. Terry

    It is simple. If you won’t sacrifice for the weakest among us, then you don’t deserve to receive care from the doctors and nurses who put their lives at risk everyday. If you want to herd up, then stay at home when you get sick. Don’t show up to a hospital and expect others to sacrifice for you.

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