FITCH TAUSTA: No Mask?  No Dr.’s Excuse? HMMMM!

LETTER from Pamela Fitch Tausta

No Mask?  No Dr.’s Excuse?


To the Editor:

It is hard to go to the store and have people tell you they have a doctor’s excuse to not wear a mask. The rest of us take the risk.

If they go to the American Disability Association site, they will see that the alternatives for them are not in-your-face responses but using face shields or order and pick-up services. These are available at our grocery stores and other sites.

Doctors’ excuses are mentioned at Stewart’s. It is too bad these otherwise healthy-looking people have such limited job opportunities.

Masks are normally needed for health-care service, dental work, construction, painting, metal work, science lab work, chemical work, lawn care, emergency work and many other jobs.

Unfortunately, these people mean that many of us elderly people do not feel we can patronize our local establishments.


2 thoughts on “FITCH TAUSTA: No Mask?  No Dr.’s Excuse? HMMMM!

  1. Mark B Pettengill

    I wholly agree with Pamela. There should be no excuse not to wear a mask except in a REAL medical situation. I have advanced COPD and I wear a mask! True, there are times when I get in trouble and need to remove myself so I can take it off for a minute. But that’s what I do, remove myself from the area. Dr. says no mask then have a signed letter and carry it with you. No letter, no service! Better yet, PUT YOUR MASK ON! Takes a lot to not be able to wear one! Stay Happy – Live Long

  2. rjs

    A full transparent face shield works almost as well to protect others as does a mask. There really is no reason not to wear one of those. If one has such a degree of disability that they cannot wear a mask, what are they doing walking around without their oxygen tank.

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