Flying Confederate Flag Dishonors Our Ancestors


Flying Confederate Flag

Dishonors Our Ancestors

To the Editor:

My great-grandfather, Malachi Kraham, an Irish IMMIGRANT, came to this country in 1859.  He settled in Otsego County and shortly after arriving, like many other young men from Otsego County, he joined the New York Militia during the Civil War.  He served in the Union Army, under the American flag to preserve the Union and abolish slavery.

Eventually, he came back to Cooperstown, to his young bride, raised a family, ran a business, became fire chief of the Neptune Company and mayor of Cooperstown.  He was one of the lucky ones.  Many of his comrades were not so fortunate and died valiantly in a noble cause.

I find it particularly repulsive to see Confederate flags being prominently displayed and sold at the Otsego County Fair and along the highways and byways of our beautiful county.  (Don’t bore me with the “free speech” argument. Everyone knows what is really being “telegraphed”.)  The Confederate flag represents sedition against the United States, i.e. seeking the violent overthrow of the government.

This is about decency.  This putrid symbol of oppression and division mocks the sacrifice of Otsego County’s brave young soldiers.  To fly or otherwise display this treasonous symbol dishonors our ancestors.



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