Forces Combined, And All Star Village Had To Face Reality

Forces Combined,

And All Star Village

Had To Face Reality

Crowd Regulations, Jobless Benefits,

Caused Patton To Cancel 2020 Season

Cooperstown All Star Village is more than just a youth-baseball venue, it’s an actual village, boasting two restaurants and a 40-room hotel.

WEST ONEONTA – From the beginning, Marty Patton, Cooperstown All Star Village proprietor, had concerns about being able to operate safely as the coronavirus swept the nation.

Marty Patton

“What if a coach comes in from out of the area, and the kids get infected?” he reflected the day after deciding it will be impossible to open his youth-baseball tournament venue on Route 205 this summer.

But many obstacles, he discovered over the past several weeks, were arrayed against a successful 2020 season that he’s been hoping, week by week, to launch since early May:

  • STAFFING: As he considered what’s left of the season, he discovered that employees who had gone on unemployment were receiving an extra $600 a week in benefits. Earning $1,000 a week staying at home instead of $400 at the baseball park, they were reluctant to return to work.   “I don’t blame them,” said Patton.
  • RESTAURANTS and LODGING: The park operates two restaurants, The All Star Tavern and the sit-down Overlook, and a 40-room hotel, but the measures required to operate them safely were daunting.
  • CROWD LIMITS: Governor Cuomo’s latest NY Forward strictures limit crowds to 150. “We have thousands,” said Patton.  It was a bridge too far.

While Cooperstown Dreams Park, in Hartwick Seminary, cancelled its season in March, shortly after the governor’s emergency declaration, Patton kept hoping he could make it happen – in the end, to no avail.

He said all prospective participants, their families and coaches have been notified the rest of the season has been cancelled, and down payments are being returned, he said.

“I feel bad for all the fine business that depend on the season,” he said, “but we’re looking ahead to 2021.”

Meanwhile, he said, “Brenda and I haven’t had a summer vacation in 40 years.”

One thought on “Forces Combined, And All Star Village Had To Face Reality

  1. Leo J Szymanski

    I have worked there as part of the year around crew. I can assure you Marty could care less about kids, baseball or people getting sick!! The other park closed in March, good old Marty held out as long as he could! NOT FOR THE KIDS, NOT FOR THE FAMILIES, AND NOT FOR THE LOCALS REVENUE, he held out for money, plain and simple!! I witnessed him screaming at young employees until he was purple! One poor girl used the WRONG WALK WAY, A walk way for guest only, she just started and didnt know! I see articles and pictures of him smiling and joking, inside that persona is pure evil. Im 53, he never once talked to me or the other older people like that to my knowledge, but you see his eyes when belittling someone you can see the true Marty!! Greed, evil, and manipulative!

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