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4 Men Arrested

In Bombing Plot

Against Islamberg

Andrew C. Crysel, 18, Vincent R. Vetromile, 19, and Brian F. Colaneri, 20

A group of high school students at Odyssey Academy in Greece, near Rochester, tipped off police that one of their classmates was allegedly part of a plot to bomb Islamberg, the small Muslim community in Delaware County.

Officers with the Greece Police Department Saturday arrested Brian F. Colaneri, 20, and Vincent Vetromile, 19, both of Greece, and Andrew C. Crysel, 18, of East Rochester, as well as a 16-year-old student at Odyssey Academy after the tip, allegedly finding three improvised explosive devices, packed with nails and powder, at the home the 16-year-old suspect.

Police additionally found 23 firearms — a combination of shotguns and rifles — across the suspects’ residences.



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