Foxcare Fitness Unveiled At Foxcare Center

Foxcare Fitness Unveiled

Cutting the ribbon this morning at Oneonta’s renovated Foxcare Fitness are, from left, Jennie Gliha, Ryan Scott, Mary Hansen, Jeff Joyner, Louise Sandoli, Doug Decker, Seth Haight, Chris Raverra, Barbara Ann Heegan, Stephanie Paluch, Amanda Stanley, Al Rubin, Celeste Gray, Oneonta Town Supervisor Bob Wood, Dave Greene and Alan Sessions.  At right, tours of the facility in the Foxcare Center on Route 7 on Oneonta’s East End were led by Ryan Scott, showing off highlights of the gym – the new Strength & Conditioning Studio that features an Olympic lifting platform, a full suspension training rack, a flipping tire, sand bags, jump boxes, heavy bags, speed bags, heavy rope and more. The studio will always be open during business hours. “I’ve been to a lot of gyms in the area,” said Rubin after the tour, “And the equipment they have in there is as good as it gets.” Other upgrades include a new roof over the pool, new flooring and new machines. The public is invited to try out the facility free of charge  9 a.m.-noon Saturday, where a opening  party will feature give-aways. (Ian Austin/


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